White Bluff United Methodist Church
Friday, May 25, 2018


When: Sunday Mornings 11:00-11:45am
 Sunday Evenings 5:00-7:00pm   
Where: Nathan Bailey Room
11911 White Bluff Rd. 
                    Savannah Ga. 31419
April 21st Prayer in the Square 3pm in Reynold's square
Pulling out of church parking lot at 3pm
Passing out flyers and praying from 3:30-4:30pm
Back at church for dinner and fellowship 5pm
April 22nd Youth PARENTS Meeting 4-5:30pm in Nathan Bailey Youth Room
Information for Summer Events, Fundraising, and Studies
May 6th Tacky Prom 5-7pm @ Wesley Gardens
Pulling out of church parking lot at 4:30pm
Back at church at 7:30pm
May 22nd Youth Day Out (Movies)
May 31st Youth Day IN (Video Games)
10am-2pm in the Nathan Bailey Room
Snacks will be provided
 Flamingos have landed! 
Youth are raising money. If you happen to get a flamboyance of flamingos in your yard give us a call. We will remove them for a small donation. There is also flamingo insurance for $30. Our experienced staff will come and protect your yard from the flamboyance.
  • Fun filled week of activities is set to kick off June 10th at 5pm with games and food!
  • June 11th we will be hitting the waves down at Tybee Island.
  • June 12th we will be gearing up for a paint ball war. May the best team win.
  • June 13th will be bowling and video games over in Pooler.
  • June 14th we will relax by the pool side.
  • June 15th finishing up the week we will be heading down to Union Mission to help in their warehouse/clothing closet and grabbing lunch afterwards downtown. 
Contact Sarah Garcia for more information or to let her know you would love to join in the activities! 
                                         Give me a call at 925-5924 or email at youth@wbumc.org.
                                 Fallow us on Facebook White Bluff UMC youth