White Bluff United Methodist Church
Thursday, August 16, 2018

Music Ministries

The Music Ministry of White Bluff United Methodist Church


 Our 2017 5teinway 5ummer 5pectacular
Our Chancel Choir meets every Wednesday at 7:00pm in the Choir Room. This group sings for the 9:30am service each week, occasionally singing for special services and other times. This adult choir family focuses on anthems and service music in an ongoing process that includes music for Lent and Easter as well as Christmas Cantatas and other special occasions.
Photo from rehearsal for combined Sacred Harp concert with Skidaway UMC Choir.
The Resurrection Ringers (grades 9 through adult) are a dedicated Handbell ensemble, meeting Sundays from 12:13pm to 1:13pm during the school year. We’ve combined the forces of our Adult and Youth bell ensembles, allowing us a much greater variety of music. This choir family plays roughly quarterly in our worship services and at other times out in the community.
There are always opportunities for folks who play an instrument or who would like to sing for one of our services, with ensembles put together (both instrumental and vocal) as the needs and abilities of our church family grow.  I am always happy to arrange our repertoire to fit others as folks come forward who might be interested.

SonShine Choir!

 What is the SonShine Choir?  Technically speaking it isn’t yet a choir.  We are a group of folks who gather most weeks during the school year (not on the days Social Seniors meet, which is once a month or on days with roughly noon time services like Ash Wednesday or Holy Week) for the simple joy of lifting our voices together in praise.  Technically, choirs sing in public.  We may never do that; it depends entirely on what the group would like to do.  I’d like for us to be able to do that at some point, but only if our people are comfortable with the idea.

Do I need to be able to sing well or read music?  Not at all; as I often tell people: “The Lord hears the songs of our hearts!” so only a desire to enjoy the hymns is needed.

Will anyone make me sing?  No, if you love hearing hymns but don’t wish to sing, you’re welcome as well. 

What hymnal do you use?  We’ll use any hymnal our church has enough copies of:  Our current United Methodist Hymnal, our Camp Meeting Hymnal and Hymns for the Family of God.

How do you pick the hymns for us to sing?  So far, each hymn has been chosen on a rotating basis by the folks who have come that particular day, though at some point I may see about teaching a new song every once in a while.

How long do you sing?  Roughly 40-45 minutes.

Is there a piano involved?  Suzanne has graciously agreed to accompany us each week that we meet.

Is there any cost?  None whatsoever, just your time.

When do you meet?  Just a few minutes after Josh’s Bible Study is finished, approximately 11:05am on Wednesdays.  All are welcome; we hope to see you there!


We would love to have you come and join one (or more) of our ensembles. Though I am admittedly biased, I think the folks who make music together here are a wonderful group and that you would enjoy becoming a part of our choir family.

October 22, 2017 at 4pm we held the Inaugural Concert of our new Allen organ.  Pictured are Dr. Joby Bell, our guest organist, Suzanne Woodrum, our organist and George Hiatt of Fox Music, the artist / technician who did all of the setup and voicing of the instrument.
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Feel free to contact me at music@wbumc.org
if you have any questions.  Blessings, Ronn Alford, Director of Music Ministries.