White Bluff United Methodist Church
Saturday, March 23, 2019

New Gateway Savannah Congregation to form at WBUMC Location.

On March 20, 2016 a Called Church Conference was held at WBUMC to review and vote on a proposal to "birth" a new church congregation which would utilize the facilities of WBUMC and would target the "unchurched" and "de-churched" people from the surrounding community who are currently not attracted to traditional churches.  Following a presentation by a select committee of WBUMC members and open discussion, a vote was held.  The proposal was approved.
Gateway UMC (Pooler) has been chosen to open a satellite campus utilizing the WBUMC gym and part of one WBUMC Sunday School wing for Sunday worship due to their proven success at targeting this demographic.  Phase I (Preparation of Legal Documents) has been completed by a transition team composed of WBUMC and Gateway members and clergy.  Phase II (Planning and Decision Making) is currently underway, with Phase III (Implementation) yet to come.  The goal is for the Gateway Savannah congregation to hold its first services at the WBUMC location in the Fall of 2017.
This page is provided to keep folks up to date as this endeavor progresses, and will be revised with more information as it develops.
To GOD be the Glory!